2020 Round TWO REPORTS

R2: Camille confident with her form

[3] Camille Serme (FRA) 3-0 Melissa Alves (FRA)  11-3, 11-4, 11-2 (26m)

Some very good rallies in that match, the score not telling the whole story, in particular in the second, with Melissa leading 3/0. Camille then scored 6 points, a huge rally at 4/7 that got a lot out of the young Melissa, who then tinned the next three points…

A very good match though, like I said, good run and retrieving from an extremely fit Melissa…

I’ve always loved this country and especially because squash is such a big sport here. You always have a lot of people coming, watching and cheering and they really like good squash, even though they cheer for their country, they enjoy good squash too.

It’s the first time we have played each other on the PSA Tour, which is quite lucky, but still coming out all the way here and playing each other it’s not nice, but it’s our job and I gave everything to win 3-0 today. She knows me really well and you could see sometimes she was on the ball before I was playing.

We played in the French Nationals last month but that’s it really. We watch each other play a lot though, and we train together. But we nearly never played in competition.

I was struggling a bit with my targets today, not much width and length I thought. And I remember thinking to myself thank GOD I have my physical ability to fall back on. But sometimes, I wish I had my racquet ability to fall back on!!!

Not too tired actually, we had a great recovery team in Chicago, Florent the French physio then I came back home 3 days, good rest, light squash work, Yoga Pilates to stretch all the muscles, and I only gave it a push when I arrived here, where we have also an osteo/physio with us, so perfect conditions really.